The anatomy of a successful blogger

In their third annual survey, Orbit Media has asked more than 1000 bloggers on their approach to content creation and distribution. Thereby, the answers tell a story about the change in the online content industry but also about what makes a blogger successful.

Using AI to establish a reliable and objective way of diversification

No one has a reliable way of predicting the future. That is why we must diversify. It is the cheapest and most effective way of dealing with uncertainty. In our computerised world, the Markowitz-style approaches from the 1950s are not the answer. But how can we establish a reliable and objective way of diversification? How can machines amplify our investment results?

Amplifying Investment Intelligence in Wealth & Asset Management by Machines

We are currently observing a renaissance of AI. The combination of data sets available, high-performance computing power, infinite storage and more intelligent algorithms have lately fueled the developments. In this first blog entry, we discuss a graph-based machine learning approach to create alternative indices with robust performance and lower risk.