Word of Mouth in the Social Media Age

Traditionally, word of mouth was primarily based on face-to-face, interpersonal interaction between a receiver and a communicator. WOM is the process of telling people about a particular product or service, usually because it is good and you want to encourage them to try it. eWOM is the electronic version.

Making digital customer care work

Digital customer care increases customer satisfaction and generates savings due to a higher degree of automation. Companies that miss out on a profound digital customer care strategy and its implementation leave growth opportunities unexploited and their revenues and costs at a thread. Some key aspects can be attributed to successful digital customer care strategies.

So gewinnen Sie Meetings (auch ohne gute Argumente)

Ein Coachee fragte mich kürzlich, wie man in einem Teammeeting überzeugend sein kann, wenn einem nicht die richtigen Argumente einfallen. Das kennen wir alle, oder? Stottern herum und nach dem Gespräch ärgern wir uns, dass uns diese und jene Antwort zu spät oder gar nicht einfiel.