Boilerplates, Links and Mega Benefits!

Surely you know that: You are reading a post that you really appreciate. You will notice how the author comes from the central statements of the text to a professional conclusion. Then you realize the last full stop. Too bad, you think, because you still have a few questions:

  • Who is this author?
  • For which company does she or he work?
  • Where can I get background information?

Here a "Boilerplate" helps. The Boilerplate is a company description and forms the last part of a press release in the professional PR. The text describes what the company does, what distinguishes it and often even important key figures.

The boilerplate of an article could include information adapted to the needs of the reader. For example:

  • A short description of the author
  • Concise description of the company
  • Links to other posts
  • Links to background information, audio and video contributions
  • Links to social media channels
  • Contact information, email, telephone and, if necessary, the address

The whole should be concise and clear. It is in principle a free and well-packed advertising for the author and the company. If your post is published online, the Boilerplate is not only a benefit to the reader, because search engines collect this important information and follow the links. You can improve your publicity professionally. This is a mega benefit.

About the author:
Christian Salow, is the managing director of altii GmbH (Ltd.), a digital marketing and communications portal based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Prior, Mr Salow has advised institutional investors with interest rate, credit and alternative investments for international banks.

He is the author of the study "Digital Marketing in the German Financial Market 2016", which was published at Amazon and he is a blogger on online marketing topics in the financial industry., LinkedIn, Xing,,, +49 170 8086726

Über den Autor

  • Christian Salow

    Christian Salow

    Managing Director altii

    Before altii he was working in Investment Consulting and Investment Banking at international houses. He is focused on solutions for institutional clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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