Super-Rohstoff Bildung: Investieren in Nachwuchsakademiker

„Eine Investition in Wissen bringt immer noch die besten Zinsen.“ Was Benjamin Franklin schon behauptet hat, wissen auch die 2,4 Millionen Studenten in Deutschland: Ein Studienabschluss bringt eine gute Bildungsrendite. Auch für  Investoren sind Studienfonds zu einer attraktiven Möglichkeit geworden, in Bildung zu investieren.

The Meltdown of the Financial Sector, Justified or a Bear Trap?

Financial markets were rolling over and the financial sector in particular seemed to be the target of stress. Due to the uneasiness of the markets we spent considerable time in understanding the market dynamics and the various reasons that are travelling through the investment community and hit the financial news headlines.

Global growth in 2015: Same profile as in 2014?

In 2014, the global recovery stumbled over a series of unforeseen events. Bad weather paralysed the US economy in the first quarter. Seasonal and calendar anomalies contributed to the stagnation in the European economy in the second quarter. Demand in Japan - which was artificially inflated ahead of the fiscal shock - suddenly contracted in the spring in reaction to the VAT increase. Lastly, confidence deteriorated because of geopolitical shocks (Russia, Middle East).

Tough times for Brazil

The brazilian central bank has been forced to raise interest rates to double digit levels – a reasonable measure to fight inflation, but hardly favourable for economic growth. 

Natixis’ Global Markets view

As regards our expectations for 2014 and 2015, a core assumption is that productive investment will strengthen further in the US and finally in the UK, with internal and external financing conditions that are favorable for Anglo-Saxon firms, a decline in energy costs in the US and stronger-than-expected global demand.