Pictet Asset Management's Secular Outlook virtual event

This year's Secular Outlook will be unavoidably tainted by the Covid-19 crisis, which not only turned the world on its head but created major challenges for investors. On the 16th September, Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist, will discuss Pictet Asset Management's outlook for the financial markets over the next five years, including stocks, bonds and commodities.

Widespread lockdowns around the world plunged many economies into their deepest recessions since at least the Second World War. In this new era, a portfolio whose assets are split evenly between developed market equities and government bonds will no longer deliver adequate returns.

The policy response to this pandemic was just as dramatic - governments and central banks launched massive waves of stimulus, continuing and extending the sort of extreme measures first implemented wholesale during the global financial crisis (GFC) a decade earlier. This will ultimately determine how investors fare over the next five years. Given the great uncertainty of these times and the base from which we start, choosing the right strategies will be key.

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