Is there growing complacency in markets?

On September 12, ETF Securities will be hosting a webinar on its Outlook 2017 - September Update to keep investors informed about the macroeconomic trends for 2017 and beyond. At 3pm, James Butterfill, Head of Research at ETF Securities, will host the webinar for approximately an hour.

Key themes focus on whether markets are becoming complacent meaning we may be due for a correction as well as the risks that may emerge as central bank policy normalisation begins. An update on the commodity investment outlook with a focus on precious metals and oil will also be provided. Please register for the webinar here.

Key highlights:

  • Have markets become complacent and are we due for a correction;
  • Central Bank Policy normalisation - what are the debt risks;
  • Commodities update - metals vs mining and unconventional oil’s impact in energy markets.