Willkommen zum altii Real Estate-Spezial

During the coronavirus pandemic, real estate has proven itself as an asset class that withstands the price and return fluctuations of other established asset classes. Now that we are beginning to leave the pandemic behind us, the increasing stimulus has created worries about rising inflation. altii's Real Estate Special introduces institutional investors to current trends in real estate investing. It presents long-term trends, sustainable real estate investments, risks, and strategies. Due to the availability of articles, the Special is only available in German.

In diesem Real Estate Spezial stellt altii aktuelle Informationen, relevante Trends und Lösungen für institutionelle Investoren vor. Nach einem aktuellen Marktausblick folgt ein Blick auf die derzeitige Investorenstimmung. Langfristige Entwicklungen in der Assetklasse, Nachhaltigkeitsaspekte, Risiken und Strategien werden vorgestellt. Das Spezial schließt mit einer Liste relevanter Asset Manager und Produkte ab.

Datacenters - Digital Real Asset Investments

Sebastian Dooley speaks in this interview about data centers and why they are interesting as investment objects for professional investors. He tells us about the specific properties and challenges. Please find the full article here.

Nordic Properties a Plus in Regional Diversification

Jarkko Lehtonen from United Bankers in Helsinki speaks in the altii interview about the Nordic properties markets and the potential for diversification. He is the portfolio manager of the UB Nordic Property Fund that invests in commercial real estate in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Please find the full article here.