Institutional Access to Investments in the Nordic Regions

Patrick Anderson speaks about the attractiveness of the Nordic regions for institutional investors. He talks about the direction of United Bankers and focuses on important investment strategies. He discusses the use of real assets such as real estate, timber and how this can be reconciled with sustainability. 

Patrick Anderson, CEO United Bankers Plc


United Bankers Plc (UB) is a Helsinki-based Financial Services group. Founded in 1986, UB started its business in securities brokerage. Today, the company's business areas include Asset and Wealth Management and Capital Markets services.

UB is a Nordic pioneer and a global specialist within Real Asset investments. In Wealth Management, UB offers discretionary Asset Management to private and institutional asset owners in Finland and Sweden

UB Fund Management Ltd, established in 2007, is a subsidiary within the group, dedicated to the administration of investment funds. These include European Union UCITS regulated vehicles as well as AIFMD regulated funds.

For more information, please refer to UB’s website at

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