How do I link from paper?

Surfing the Internet has become a matter of course. We use URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) as web addresses and clickable links to surf from page to page.

But if we read a print article in a magazine then linking it is no longer easy. A modern author could include a list of URL references to background information. But reading every single URL from the paper and entering it by hand does not fit into our time!

The altii Content System

altii has developed a referencing system. The essential component of the ACS is the altii content link. This ACL is a simple combination of letters and numbers that can link print articles to the altii online system. The ACL is able to reference up to 400 million contributions.

Example: In the print article you read the combination AL126390. The topic finds your interest and you enter this link in an altii search window (A), for example on our homepage.

Afterwards, you will get a list of all the linked contributions immediately (B). Those can be, for example press releases, videos, information on fund management companies and more. In principle, everything can be linked to what can be stored on a server. Since altii runs on all systems and devices, you can also query mobile via smartphones or tablet computers. This means that with a few simple clicks you get your information directly to the device of your choice.

A special feature of the system is the ability to link to specific strategies in the product range of altii (C). You can, for example, in a conversation or in a document refer to the to the ACL on altii and comfortably discuss the topic. Thus, dialogs can easily be visualized on the phone with altii.

There are basically two ways to enter the ACL: You can enter it into the search box on the altii home page (A) or adding it to the altii URL (D) such as

There are many possible applications like using the ACL, for example, in newsletters or marketing emails. The ACL can also be used for advertisements - print and video. It can also be combined with QR codes. However, the ACL looks better and they do not need a scan device such as a smartphone.

The altii Content Link is simple, universal and practical. Try it out right away.