Natixis’ Global Markets view

As regards our expectations for 2014 and 2015, a core assumption is that productive investment will strengthen further in the US and finally in the UK, with internal and external financing conditions that are favorable for Anglo-Saxon firms, a decline in energy costs in the US and stronger-than-expected global demand. 

Are Insurance Linked Securities the missing piece?

We are living in a low interest environment for almost 5 years. Reviewing various factors it looks that short term rates most likely will remain below long-term average for some time and rates at the long end of the yield curve may have seen most of the uptick for some time. 

Nur der Mutige gewinnt

Die Zinsflaute hat definitiv auch ihre guten Seiten. Die Investmentbranche entwickelt neue Ideen, um in diesem Umfeld lukrative Investments anzubieten. Recht so. Krisen sind immer schon ein Hort der Innovationen gewesen. Nur müssen die Anleger sich auch trauen, diesen Neuerungen zu folgen.