The anatomy of a successful blogger

In their third annual survey, Orbit Media has asked more than 1000 bloggers on their approach to content creation and distribution. Thereby, the answers tell a story about the change in the online content industry but also about what makes a blogger successful.

The rise of electronic platforms

While electronic platforms to inform investors and distribute products are quite common for many assets in the financial industry, wealth managers have been slow to adapt to new technologies. Many reasons force them to change this view with drastic consequences for their industry.

A picture is worth a thousand likes

Visual content is on a rise for good reasons: Neuroscience as well as communication trainers are confirming the importance of what is “said” besides facts. Marketing experts confirm that visual content increases attendance, reach and engagement within a flood of information.

Making digital customer care work

Digital customer care increases customer satisfaction and generates savings due to a higher degree of automation. Companies that miss out on a profound digital customer care strategy and its implementation leave growth opportunities unexploited and their revenues and costs at a thread. Some key aspects can be attributed to successful digital customer care strategies.

Creator vs. viewer

For good reasons, content that includes visual elements is getting much more user attention than content without. This has led to the adoption of visual elements in “traditional” social media platforms and even to the establishment of new platforms. Still, the premiere class of visual content remains the video. But videos for retail and institutional clients require different kinds of handling.

“Brand in the Hand” Marketing

Besides major advantages of mobile marketing, the asset management industry is missing the trend. After Google has implemented their new search algorithm, all marketers are under pressure to finally jump on the bandwagon. To do so fast, partnering with media might be the right choice.

Shall I use or shall I not – Which social media channel?

It is not surprising! The Internet has become the first point of interest when it comes to financial and investment purposes. It almost does not matter whether it is purely professional - in the meaning of institutional investors - or private individuals. But access to information is improved not just for investors but as well for asset managers.

The Right and Wrong of Distressed Credit

After Argentina defaulted in 2001/2002, a hedge fund of Elliot Capital bought Argentinian debt at a very low fraction of par value, making about 1680% on its initial investment.
While the majority of bond holders (93%) agreed to a restructuring of the debt, the remaining 7% of investors including Elliot Capital, the holdout investors, still own the original bonds.