“Brand in the Hand” Marketing

Over forty percent[i] of all Germans own smartphones capable of running apps and browsing the Internet. While mobile marketing is common in other industries, asset managers neglect it despite advantages over traditional and pure online marketing.

Mobile optimization has just become more important after Google has implemented its new search algorithm that includes a website’s ability to be displayed on mobile devices in search rankings. Websites that perform badly will be placed lower in mobile search results and are therefore less likely to be accessed by user and potential customers. With this new algorithm, Google reacts on the increasing proportion of mobile searches. In the last quarter of 2013, already 34 percent of all searches regarding products to buy were made from mobile devices as smartphones and tablets[ii].

But Google’s new algorithm is just one more reason among many to optimize webpages for mobile devices. Mobile pages and apps have similar advantages over traditional advertisement as digital marketing has in general. I described those in my last blog post on altii: Greater reach, lower costs, higher flexibility and improved measurements. Comparing “normal” websites with mobile optimized ones or even apps, mobility has another advantage: mobility. People carry their mobile devices with them every time and anywhere. As a marketer, this gives you the ability to reach out to customers whenever and wherever one is. This is what a global media manager at Adidas called “brand in the hand” marketing[iii].

For asset managers as for any other industry, three goals can be pursued with mobile marketing[iii]:

  • Building brand awareness: Supply valuable content for the consumer in real time. An asset manager might, for example, show his expertise by commenting on events as ECB announcements just as they happen.
  • Increase customer involvement and interaction: Content does not need to be a plain text anymore. Using the Internet and its related technologies, users can interact with your sides.
  • Influence consumer response and activation: You know how users react on certain actions and how to navigate users from content to product. You might post articles about emerging markets and inform the user about your EM-funds.

One way to exploit the advantages of mobile marketing is using apps. Those are more integrated into a customer’s device than websites and would allow for push messages redirecting the user to the app again and again.
Because apps are rather expensive, another option is optimizing one’s existing website for mobile devices. This would allow for mobile customers to visit it, consume content and get information about products.
Finally, there is the option of partnering with specialized online platforms due to time and cost savings as well as technical expertise and reach. As pointed out in one of our latest news items, altii is designed consistently for mobile devices and provides a large range of formats. Moreover, the integration of distribution channels as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook helps to position an asset manager online strategically. 

[i] Percentage of internet users who use their mobile device to search for products to buy as of 4th quarter 2013. Available from: http://www.statista.com/statistics/296691/mobile-product-search-usage/ [21.04.2015]
[ii] Anzahl der Smartphone-Nutzer in Deutschland in den Jahren 2009 bis 2014. Available from: http://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/198959/umfrage/anzahl-der-smartphonenutzer-in-deutschland-seit-2010/ [21.04.2015]
[iii] Sultan, F & Rohm, A 2005, The Coming Era of “Brand in the hand” Marketing”, MITSloan Management Review, vol. 47, no. 2.

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