Automatisierte Portfolio-Optimierung

Besitzer großer Immobilienbestände stehen vor der wiederkehrenden Herausforderung, Potenziale im Portfolio zu identifizieren. Digitale Lösungen und neue Technologien können dabei helfen diese Potenziale zu heben, die ideale Marktmiete festzulegen und Leerstände zielgerichtet zu reduzieren.

Using AI to establish a reliable and objective way of diversification

No one has a reliable way of predicting the future. That is why we must diversify. It is the cheapest and most effective way of dealing with uncertainty. In our computerised world, the Markowitz-style approaches from the 1950s are not the answer. But how can we establish a reliable and objective way of diversification? How can machines amplify our investment results?

Amplifying Investment Intelligence in Wealth & Asset Management by Machines

We are currently observing a renaissance of AI. The combination of data sets available, high-performance computing power, infinite storage and more intelligent algorithms have lately fueled the developments. In this first blog entry, we discuss a graph-based machine learning approach to create alternative indices with robust performance and lower risk.