Shall I use or shall I not – Which social media channel?

It is not surprising! The Internet has become the first point of interest when it comes to financial and investment purposes. It almost does not matter whether it is purely professional - in the meaning of institutional investors - or private individuals.

Experienced investors are using their knowledge to gather information. The less experienced might learn from the experienced, they follow the mainstream and make own experiences. The information needs are simply big and even though increasing. The usage of social media can help investors to find a faster and better way.

For the product providers this is not only a new effort to feed more channels causing more costs just trying to boost activities. The proper use of online platforms and social media networks gain huge advantages:

  1. Greater reach to potential customers: With social media, more people can be reached. Nearly everybody is using a sort of social media app today.
  2. Lower cost: Running a basic site on any social media platform is usually for free.
  3. Higher flexibility: There is a high likelihood that the right platform for your style of communication already exists.
  4. Improved measurement: In a digital world a lot of things can be measured. Likes, dislikes, comments and even just behavior and that in real time. (Do not breach laws!)

Still, asset managers are not using the full potential of social media channels as pointed out in Christian Salow's blog post.

We invite the investors as well as the product providers to take a look at how altii uses social media. Please stay up to date by following the links:

  • LinkedIn, the pro channel: A site on LinkedIn reaches professional driven people.
  • Twitter, the news channel: A Twitter channel allows you to distribute your content fast and wide.
  • Facebook, the retail channel: Use the word-of-mouth marketing among friends to distribute your content.

We wish you fun and success! While you are around please register for free at We are interested in what drives you.

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