Emerging Markets - New anchor of stability?

In recent years, global growth has resulted from emerging markets. Young, aspiring populations and changes in global supply chains have led to strong growth dynamics. The forerunner China outshone all other emerging markets.

But China has long since moved beyond being the workbench of the world. In China’s shadow, other emerging markets are taking over these functions. As a result, a middle class with strong purchasing power and a high appetite for consumption is arising in many emerging markets. But how quickly can emerging markets catch up with the growth of the pre-Corona times?

Capitalmarket.events' web conference examines current emerging market trends. What promising equity strategies can investors pursue to invest in fast-growing emerging market companies? How can investors benefit from the long-term growth and higher interest rates of emerging market bonds?

Participation exclusively for professional investors. All presentations will be held in English. Please find further information and the registration on capitalmarket.events.