7th ESG Investing Leaders Round Table

CAPITALS Circle Group (CCG) GmbH in cooperation with Club GLOBALS is inviting you cordially to the 7th ESG Investing Leaders Round Table 2022. ESG is already turning from Niche to Mainstream, and each investor and firm must be able to assess and take decisions based on ESG. CCG continuing a 7 year series of high level ESG-driven events gives you the opportunity of an insight view from industry senior experts on ESG Strategies, Market Trends, Metrics and to learn how to evaluate ESG-driven firms, stocks, and funds.

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17.30-17.40: Welcome & Opening Remarks by the Organisers: Yannis Salavpoulos (CCG) and Mario Paladini (Club GLOBALS)

17.40 - 18.10: Impulse Speech with Q&A: Yannis Salavopoulos, MBA, MSc., Founder & Managing Director, CAPITALS Circle Group GmbH & University Lecturer (Berlin).

18.10 - 18.40: Impulse Speech with Q&A: Daniel Sailer, Head Sustainable Investment Office, Metzler Asset Management (requested).

18.40 - 19.10: Impulse Speech with Q&A: Isabelle Meyer, CFA, Vice President, Responsible Investment, BMO Asset Management (requested).

19.10 - 19.30: Sumup, Takeaways & Dialogue.

19.30 - 20.30: After Forum Business Networking at CCG Business Lounge & Terrace

CAPITALS Circle Group (capitalsciclegroup.com) is an international boutique advisory, providing high added value advisory services in ESG Investing & Sustainable Finance (Sustainability & ESG Strategy ESG Investment Policies and Strategies, ESG Compliance, ESG Modeling, ESG Market Research, Development of ESG products, ESG Trainings and Workshops etc.). Moreover CCG beyond ESG and Sustainability Services provides advisory services in spcialised Corporate international Growth Strategy and Corporate Communication. CCG has a great focus and track record on financial and ch industries. CCG provides its services to Corporates, Banks, Asset Managers, Private Equity Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Public Sector, Startups.

Club GLOBALS (clubglobals.com) is a Berlin Teach Startup providing innovative solutions and services in investing as well as in networking and scaling of tech firms.