A buyside perspective: ESG Derivatives

Eurex would like to invite you to their buy-side focused webinar on ESG derivatives. In an efficient one-hour session, you will be brought completely up to speed on Environmental, Social and Governance principles and the new opportunities they carry. Please register here.

Taking ESG principles into account is rapidly moving into the mainstream of equity investments. Last year, mutual funds with an ESG component surpassed the USD 1 trillion milestone and the AUM of fund managers that have signed the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment is approaching USD 2.5 trillion. The massive growth of ESG investing has created demand for sophisticated and diversified index trading concepts.

In response, Eurex recently launched futures on three STOXX indices: STOXX® Europe 600 ESG-X Index, EURO STOXX 50® Low Carbon Index and STOXX® Europe Climate Impact Index. These ESG derivatives further enable the simplified implementation of ESG strategies in a listed environment, increase liquidity and reduce trading costs.

Please join experts from Eurex and key asset managers to discuss the major questions surrounding ESG:

  • What are the most popular types of ESG investments?
  • Do different types of investors, by region and character, opt for different ESG strategies?
  • What are the growth opportunities for asset managers in addressing the non-financial impact of investments?
  • Which index and index-related solutions are out there?
  • What role can ESG derivatives play?
  • What are the major future developments: ESG Factor Investing; ESG in fixed income; ESG as investors’ policy benchmark?

For more information on Eurex ESG derivatives please visit the dedicated ESG derivatives page.