Volcker-Rule Requirements

The Federal Reserve has a Christmas present for banks: Wall Street banks have more time for the divestment of hedge fund and private equity investments.

UN vote for Insolvency-law

The General Assembly of the United Nations has voted for the development of supranational rules regulating the restructuring of external sovereign debt.

Hedge funds lack Performance in November

Within the group of hedge funds, which made just 0.3 percent last month, global macro funds have been the best performing strategy with 1.7 percent performance. This is still below the average market performance.

Investors again interested in India

The financial markets seem to be interested in India again. More investments have been made in Indian stocks than in any other emerging market ones. India’s turnaround seems to have taken place.

New Infrastructure Index announced

MSCI announced a global index measuring the investment performance of infrastructure projects based on USD $49 billion of infrastructure investments.

Regulators concerned about Commodities

After a hearing of two experts in front of a Senate committee on Friday where banks’ activities in commodities where questioned, the Fed wants to review its regulatory policies regarding commodity trades.

Strategic Capital Management is taken over

The swiss investment firm Strategic Capital Management (SCM) is taken over by the Mercer Group. The whole investment team of SCM switches to Mercer to strengthen their position in alternative investments.

State Street sells Hedge Funds Business

State Street has sold it’s entire hedge funds business within a Management Buyout to their leading employees. At the end of 2013, the sold hedge funds were managing 1.4 Billion USD.

How do Bitcoin-ETFs work

The Winkelvoss brothers’ bitcoin ETF is still under review of the SEC. If it gets approval, a broad basis of investors could invest in bitcoins but how does the ETF work?