The implications of lower returns

Investment returns are set to be lower during the next two decades - with severe consequences for asset owners and managers. McKinsey outlines those for different types of institutional investors.

Investment returns are heading lower

Despite extraordinary highs and lows, returns were continually strong within the last 30 years, says McKinsey. However, US and European equity and bond returns are becoming weaker within the next two decades.

Four scenarios for financial advisory in 2030

Financial technologies have a massive impact on investment advisory. The Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the Zurich Banking Association have developed possible development scenarios.

Simplifying and speeding up fund selection

With the Digital Advisor, ifund and fundinfo launch a cloud-based tool for the selection of active and passive funds based on scientific criteria as well as investor preferences to reduce research and compliance costs.

Thematic investing in venture capital

During the past five years, venture capital has seen a rise in investment funds focussing on specific themes. Justin Caldbeck, the co-founder of Binary Capital, explains why this is beneficial for start-ups and funds.

Factor investing for institutional investors

Worldwide, more than 500 billion US-Dollar are invested in factor strategies. To investigate the motives behind the recently high inflows into the strategies, Invesco has surveyed institutional investors.

Boosting retention with native video advertising

Combining valuable content with a corporate message to differentiate a brand is a tough task but can have an enormous effect on customers. In a webinar, Yahoo shows best practice of making use of the innovative ad format.

Use Reddit to Increase the Impact of Your News

To have an impact, news and editorial coverage needs to be seen. Watch the recording of Business Wire’s webinar with Reddit on leveraging the 240 million active users and 45,000 communities on the social media platform.

Making impact investing the mainstream

Impact investing, generating social and environmental benefits while achieving financial returns, has attracted more than $77 billion in AuM. However, some changes are needed to allow further expansion, says McKinsey.

Excessive fees for funds

The British financial regulator FCA has examined the costs of investment funds. Due to high fees and lacking performance of active management, the regulator plans on enhancing transparency of investment goals and costs.

RCM launches Sustainability Momentum Fund

For 30 years, Raiffeisen Capital Management manages sustainability funds. Now, their product portfolio is expanded by a sustainability momentum fund that considers improvements in ESG factors when selecting shares.

Asset Managers increase Alternatives by 25%

After four years of growth, the AuM of the world’s 500 largest asset managers decrease by 1.7%. While investors’ portfolios remain similarly structured, alternative investments are on the rise.

altii with Content Link on Mr. Trump

After a most bitter and divisive U.S Presidential election, Donald Trump has won the U.S. Presidency. altii has composed a collection of market statements of numerous asset managers on the less predictable candidate.

Asset Manager not taking FinTech serious enough

A study from PwC shows that many asset and wealth manager are not considering FinTechs in their strategic decisions. However, neglecting innovative start-ups could lead to the loss of market shares.

Creating value with solar energy

The market for solar power is growing faster than ever but continues to lack profitability. Besides operational efficiency, an improved capital allocation is a key to success.

Disrupting real estate

According to EY, technology, demographics and globalisation are the three forces disrupting the real estate industry. While they threaten traditional business models, they also embed significant opportunities.

What are PRIIP KIDS?

The focus of PRIIP KIDs are future-oriented scenarios intended to give an impression of the opportunities and risks of a fund. fundinfo provides a user-friendly service to distribute the new document efficiently.