Logistics keeps the economy moving

The Christmas season in particular shows how enormous the logistical effort has become. In the current issue of their sustainability magazine, Erste AM takes on this exciting topic form an ESG perspective.

ETF Securities - 2018 Investment Outlook

ETF Securities will be hosting their 2018 Investment Outlook webinar on the 5th December to help investors stay informed about the macroeconomic trends likely to be prevalent in 2018.

Significant Demand for Investment Education

Nearly all investors surveyed in Schroder’s Global Investor Survey 2017 feel the need to improve their investment knowledge in at least one area, especially regarding SRI, tax efficiency and asset classes.

Business Wire on the Future Convention

Business Wire invites you to their panel discussion on "Public Relations in Times of Communication 4.0 - Are Women Possible Better Communicators?". The event includes the ticket for the Future Convention on 29 November in Langen free of charge.

Sustainability and dividends

A study by Rosenberg Equities shows that investors do not have to accept a lower dividend yield in order to invest sustainably. The quantitative firm focused its research especially on carbon emotions.

ETF Securities’ Outlook in Videos

ETF Securities’ Outlook 2017 - September Update examines the trends top-of-mind for investors for the remainder of 2017 and beyond. In their video series, experts explain the topics covered in the report.

Equity research as a profit-making business

The equity research business has been under pressure from clients and regulation. However, the business model can be attractive if providers can deliver the types of research the buy side values, says McKinsey.

Asset classes over centuries

Comparisons of real returns since the 19th-century make a case for real estate and equity. Supposedly secure asset classes were subject to fluctuations, which also caused temporary negative returns.

Is there growing complacency in markets?

On September 12, ETF Securities will be hosting a webinar on its Outlook 2017 - September Update to keep investors informed about the macroeconomic trends for 2017 and beyond.

Eurex Annual Derivatives Forum

The Eurex Annual Derivatives Forum 2017 takes place on 21 September in Frankfurt. Join for an informative afternoon featuring exciting panel discussions and interactive presentations.

Future Convention - Experience the Future

Searching for interdisciplinary exchange of future ideas and new business models? Attend the Future Convention, Germany’s biggest events on future projects, on 29th November in Langen.

Investors advised to look at riskier assets

In its seven-year asset class forecast, Schroders expects cash and bonds to deliver negative real returns. While riskier assets including credit, equity and alternatives might achieve positive returns, these are not assured.

Energy Sources, Mobility & Fragmentation

Change is upon the energy systems around the world. Research by McKinsey and the World Economic Forum has identified the game changers and implications for energy companies and policy makers.

ESG investments to double over next two years

About four fifths of institutional investors are already considering ESG criteria. Many investors that have invested less than a quarter of their portfolio in responsible strategies plan to increase the share substantially though.

FinTech has reached a tipping point

In the latest EY FinTech Adoption Index, Ernst & Young finds mass consumer adoption, significant market traction and strong prospects for growth. In the future, more traditional non-users are driving adoption.

Family Office Forum Zurich

The Family Office Forum Zurich is the annual meeting of Family Offices and UHNWI from all over the world, a truly global gathering of Family Offices held in English. Prestel & Parter holds its next event on 14th-15th November.

Wind at the industry’s back

Thanks to a maturing supply chain, high level of expertise and strong competition, European offshore wind energy can be competitive with other sources of energy within the decade, says McKinsey.

“The times they are a changin”

In ETF Securities’ webinar, experts explain the impact of AI on automation and robotics as well as products making the megatrend accessible for investors. The full recording is now available.

Persistence in VC Performance

Research from the Harvard Business School finds that initial success indicates the further achievements of venture capital funds. However, this is not caused by the VCs ability to nurture companies or spot promising trends.

German real estate markets losing their appeal

A survey among institutional investors shows that German properties are losing their attractiveness. One-third of asset managers considers the price level to be overpriced. Markets outside of the EU are deemed more favourable.

ACL for the UK election

The impact the UK election will have on the Brexit negotiations is in doubt. Using the altii content link, altii provides institutional investors with an overview of market commentaries.

Only every third ETF is profitable

Despite high inflows into ETFs, many products are not reaching a cost-covering volume in the fragmented European market. Bloomberg expects the ETF market to consolidate in the coming years.

Real estate managers oversleep digitisation

Most real estate asset managers agree: Digitalisation has an evident influence on their business models. Unclear responsibilities and a lack of focus, however, slow the managers down, says EY.

Scope with new rating methodology

The rating agency Scope has published a new methodology for assessing the quality of asset managers investing primarily in liquid and traditional investments.

Motivation as a performance driver

State Street and the CFA Institute claim to have found a previously hidden variable affecting long-term investment performance, client satisfaction and employee engagement.

Improving non-financial disclosure for investors

The role of ESG factors in institutional investors’ decision making is expanding. However, corporations continue to publish sustainability reports primarily for consumers and regulators, shows an EY analysis.

Improving relationships in capital projects

Major capital projects are habitually affected by overruns and delays. McKinsey proposes contracting, insurance and management approaches to improve profitability and eliminate dysfunctions. 

Losing touch with their digital consumers

While advertisers acknowledge the importance of digital capabilities, their organisations have failed to improve these. Turning to agencies sets the path to widen the skill divide between advertisers and agencies, says BCG.

How investors and CEOs differ

In their global survey, PwC has asked 550 investment professionals about their views on the impact of globalisation and technology on growth, talent, trust and society, and contrasts those views with findings among CEOs.

The search for a performance measure

The total return to shareholders is a standard approach to measuring a company’s stock market performance. However, McKinsey argues that TRS does not reflect underlying performance and health. So, what does?

Segmenting Financial Service Users

Consumers are increasingly using digital channels. In their Global Consumer Banking Survey, EY finds that traditional segmentation is inadequate and proposes a segmentation based on digital and financial savviness.

Absolute low returns

Lupus alpha has investigated the returns of Absolute Return funds. On average in 2016, they earned a return of 0.39 percent. Only a narrow majority of funds has, at least, kept their return promise.

Family Office Forum Wiesbaden

Join the Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum on the 9th and 10th of May in Wiesbaden. More than 160 Family Offices, UHNWI and experts meet to network and learn from each other.

World Water Day 2017

Since 1993, the World Water Day has been celebrated annually on March 22. At altii, we have taken the opportunity to updated our sustainability special and add valuable content about the topic of “water" to it.

AI fund for institutional investors

BayernInvest and ACATIS are jointly launching a global equity fund, which is entirely managed by artificial intelligence. Aiming to outperform the MSCI by three percent every year, the fund is the first of his kind on the German market.


Battle Of The Quants

Held on March 28 in Frankfurt a.M., the conference combines various disciplines across the field of quantitative finance in one location to explore and discuss the critical issues confronting the approach.

New return drivers and investment processes

Actual allocations into real estate still lack behind institutional investor’s targets. McKinsey looks into hopes and fears regarding the asset class, its return possibilities and current trends among investors.

Supply smaller than demand

In Germany, the volume of real estate transactions has been declining for two years. And the lack of investment opportunities continues: 61 percent of the respondents surveyed by EY Real Estate expect a further decline in volume.

FSB concerned about asset management

The Financial Stability Board is concerned about structural risks of the asset management industry. With 14 recommendations, the institution aims at making investment funds more sustainable and secure.

CFA study illustrates spread of FinTech

The CFA Institute has questioned 3.803 of its members. They expect financial technologies to disrupt primarily the asset management in the mass market - but not without risks and concerns.

Future Present

The ongoing search for ways to increase productivity drives digitisation. With an ETF range on robotics, automation and cyber security, ETF Securities makes the mega trend available to investors.

Nasdaq to back FinTech Start-ups with VC

The exchange operator Nasdaq plans to invest in financial technology companies by setting up a venture capital arm, says Reuters. Being invested already, the decision formalises its technology orientation.

7. D-A-CH Congress for Financial Information

As in previous years, the financial information industry will meet at the DKF congress. On May 9, executives and experts meet in Munich to discuss current challenges and trends in their industry.

Getting Started with Advertising on LinkedIn

Many investment professionals are active on professional platforms. LinkedIn has created a webinar explaining how to reach such a professional audience using sponsored content and text ads.

Insurers to rely on specialised asset management

Due to low interest rates and stricter regulation, European insurance companies are investigating ways to increase returns. Doing so, they plan to invest €1 trillion via asset managers within the next three years.

Artificial Intelligence Investor Conference

On March 30, NextGen Alpha organises the unique AI event backed by ACATIS Investment in Frankfurt. Speakers will share insightful views on the impact AI is having on their investment management activities and plans.

How PE firms want to remain competitive

Private equity firms have to dedicate significant resources to non-investment-related tasks such as regulatory and investor reporting. EY investigates, how CFOs prepare to deal with tomorrow’s challenges.

Blockchain: Faster, cheaper and safer

Being faster, cheaper, safer and less error-prone than other technologies, blockchain could become fundamental to every electronic transaction, shows mega.online.

Are corporate bonds not a real asset class?

Corporate bonds have higher drawdowns in falling markets than comparable combinations of equities and government bonds. They are therefore not a diversifier, says Anja Nieberding of Vontobel Asset Management.

Redefining financial communication

The overriding theme of EY’s Financial Reporting Outlook event in London was that of change. While disruption threatens finance professionals, it is an opportunity to redefine the role of reporting functions.

Reacting to lower market liquidity

Newly half of institutional investors expects the lower market liquidity to be a continuing development. Using surveys, State Street and the AIMA have investigated the effects of this trend.

How generations invest

Research from American Funds, a family of mutual funds from Capital Group, reveals how consumer’s experience shapes their saving and investment habits and how generations differ regarding them.

Investors prioritise ESG factors

In a global investor study, Schroders spoke to 20,000 investors worldwide and comes to the conclusion that investors aim to find better long-term opportunities by complementing financial with sustainability analysis.

Four ways of changing the world

Due to the rapid pace of innovation, robots and artificial intelligence are headed to become an essential part of industrial production and human life. mega.online shows four ways of robots changing the world.

Investors withdraw money from active funds

By November, investors have withdrawn a total of 286 billion dollars from US investment funds. Thereby, 2016 could become the worst year for active funds, while passive products continue to grow.