12. Kapitalmarktforum Schweiz

With the motto “Competition and Partnership among Financial Centres”, the 12. Kapitalmarktforum Schweiz takes place on October 29 in Zurich. Presentations will either be in German or English.

The Forum brings decision-makers and opinion-leaders together to discuss hot topics in a relaxed environment. It connects decision-makers in a club atmosphere and enhances critical dialogue between stakeholders of the capital market, especially with regard to topics like capital markets, capital market instruments and capital market funding.

The 12. Kapitalmarktforum on October 29, 2015, will take place in the Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville in Zurich. It starts at 11:45 o’clock and ends at about 18:15 o’clock. During the day, topics include Switzerland's future as a financial centre, how fin-techs change the financial markets, the impact of taxation reforms in Switzerland and asset management in Switzerland.

Please have a look at the agenda for further information and registration.