Are negative rates and the US Fed approach policy mistakes?

ETF Securities invites you to the outlook webinar on the macroeconomic implications of negative rates and the Fed’s policy. Taking for about 45 minutes, the webinar takes place on 20th April at 3pm.

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We live in increasingly uncertain times. Central banks are reaping the whirlwind of sustained, expansionist monetary policies and any sense of a sustained market direction remains elusive. Long established political certainties are being tested, social cohesion is being stretched and anticipating cause and effect feels to be more about luck than skill.

As a result, global markets remain in turmoil, as sentiment-driven volatility is inherently unpredictable. Investing, especially for the longer term, in these conditions is challenging, so where should investors be focused?

Join James Butterfill, Head of Research & Investment Strategy, ETF Securities and guest speaker, Ian Shepherdson, Chief Economist, Pantheon Macroeconomics, as they discuss the macroeconomic outlook, the implications of central bank policy decisions and whether policy mistakes have been made within the context of ETF Securities next triannual outlook, covering:

Big picture

  • Federal Reserve credibility at risk
  • Gold should benefit in a NIRP environment
  • Economic recovery unlikely to derail gold prices
  • The industrial side of precious metals

An opportunity in emerging markets

  • Emerging market spreads overcompensate investors for the credit risks
  • Low rate environment beneficial for EM

Thinking outside the box

  • Hacking the cybersecurity investment opportunity
  • Equity/bond allocation: using volatility to enhance returns
  • Blockchain and bitcoin: a complex world in simple words
  • Commodities seasonality; “Buy in January and Sell in April”