Assets under hedge funds’ management exceed $3 trillion

After reaching an all time high in April already, the value of total assets managed by hedge funds increases in May again.

According to fund watcher eVestment, hedge funds do now control assets worth $3 trillion. The value increased in May by $22 billion alone and during this year already by $93 billion. This was the largest increase until June since 2007. 

Most of this growth is due to institutional investors, says Citigroup. Since hedge funds have to publish more information after the crisis, institutional investors started to increase their investment by huge amounts. By now, 65% of all investments made in hedge funds are institutional investors’ money. Back in 2007, it was just 47%. The remaining is made of family offices’ and individuals’ contributions.

According to Forbes, the assets controlled by hedge funds will nearly double in the upcoming four years reaching about $5,8 trillion by 2018.


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