Energy Transition and Decarbonisation Forum

The world has made the transition from one major form of energy to another several times – from animal power and biomass to burning coal, and then to the increasing use of oil and gas. The replacement of those fuels with renewables marks the next historic shift. However, natural gas is still a fundamental for the EU energy sector, as it provides benefits which can’t currently be provided by renewable electricity.

How can we open the door to a decarbonised future? Electrification has to be the key development to meet the Decabonisation targets. The energy transition will be enabled by information technology, smart technology, policy frameworks and market instruments.

Attendees of the Energy Transition and Decarbonisation Forum on 25 - 26 March will learn how to reduce fossil fuel consumption worldwide by improving end-use efficiency, conversion efficiency and by introducing renewable resources. How sector coupling can improve the efficiency and flexibility of the energy system, its reliability and adequacy as well as reduce the costs of decabonisation. Why Power-to-X is the carbon-neutral energy storage and sector coupling technology of the future. The selected speakers will reveal the key challenges and updates on the energy transition opportunities while networking with experts in the field.