Eurex: The evolving role of collateral

Since the financial crisis, many firms have been looking differently at their treasury and financing functions in order to seek more efficient solutions for managing their liquidity and collateral. Driving factors for these changes, include operational challenges stemming from changing market practices and growing volumes, regulatory influences and pressures, and the development of more strategic collateral management approaches from both CCPs and other providers such as HSBC. And while the central clearing of OTC derivatives transactions through CCPs has reduced systemic risk in collateral management, it has also led to new challenges in other respects, such as increasing the total amount of collateral required. Full article

This year’s Derivatives Forum in Frankfurt dedicates an entire stream on Capital & Collateral Efficiencies. We are pleased to have Clement Cordier, Head of Derivatives Clearing Services at HSBC France, to share some of his thoughts on the evolving role of collateral management and how HSBC is leveraging those opportunities. Register here