Event Update: Family Office Forum London

Prestel & Partner invites to the Family Office Forum on 15th and 16th September in London. On the event for English based family offices, more than 100 family offices, principals and CIOs meet.

The event is free for genuine family offices (as defined below). Tickets are available under ticket@prestelandpartner.comVisit Prestel & Partner for more information and the current agenda.

On the event, more than 100 genuine family offices, principals and CIOs meet. Prestel & Partner will guarantee that there are more family officers and principals on stage and in the audience than solution providers. There will be no product presentations or specific pitches. Topics covered include key issues such as family governance or operations and CIO roundtables.

  • Find out how Family Offices combine doing good with making profit
  • Improve and update your investment knowledge - share and connect with CIO peers
  • Make the most out of charitable giving: Methodologies and Best Practice
  • Gain from Single Family Office know-how about Family Structuring and Operations
  • Discover and implement Best Practice in Family Governance and Next Generation
  • Expand your network and share expertise with other Family Offices

The definition of a genuine Principal or Family Office is at least 100 Mio. GBP of assets (usually it is much more), these assets are from only one or few families / wealth owners, and the Family Office is working for one or few (not as a solution provider to many 3rd parties).


About Prestel & Partner
Prestel and Partner organises exclusive conferences for family offices and UHNWI. Those high-quality conferences allow family offices and UHNWI to discuss relevant topics, networking and to share information.
Prestel and Partner allows participants to use their neutral networking platform and guarantees discretion. Family offices and UHNWI participate for free on all events and only a limited number of tickets is given to solution providers and sponsors. Prestel and Partner guarantees that there are more genuine family offices on stage and in the audience than solution providers.
The Family Office Forum takes place regularly in Wiesbaden, London, Zurich as well as Dubai and is a well known event within the community.

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