Family Office Forum Wiesbaden

The Family Office Forum hosted by Prestel & Partner is taking place April 26th and 27th. More than 160 family offices, UHNWI and experts will network and exchange knowledge on the event.

On the Family Office Forum in the Nassauer Hot, in the centre of Wiesbaden, more than 160 German speaking Family Offices and UHNWI network and exchange knowledge and best practice. Besides the known presentations and panel discussions, Prestel & Partner will host rounds of talks on relevant topics such as Private Equity and VC, Real Estate or Liquid Alternatives in order to provide participants with an even more issue-specific and interactive experience.

Prestel and Partner guarantees that there are more genuine family offices on stage and in the audience than solution providers and establishes a discrete and neutral networking platform.

The event is free for genuine* family offices. Tickets are available under Visit Prestel & Partner for more information and the current agenda.

Prestel & Partner Ltd, 78 York Street, London W1H 1DP, United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 20 339 7139 0

*The definition of a Family Office is a minimum USD 150 million of assets from one or a few families / wealth owners, and the Family Office is working for one or a few families (not as a solution provider and/or advisor to many 3rd parties).