Future Present

Our world is being transformed by technological innovations that challenge every aspect of how we live and work. The ongoing search for ways to increase productivity drives digitisation and thus the use of data and automation. With an ETF range on robotics, automation and cyber security, ETF Securities makes the mega trend available to investors. 

Once used only in manufacturing, robots are becoming common in everyday life and assume highly complex tasks with higher productivity and at lower costs. With the ROBO Global® Robotics and Automation GO UCITS ETF, ROBO Global® and ETF Securities offer investors the first and currently the only ETF in Europe focussing on the global robotics and automation industry. The liquid and cost-efficient fund offers a broad exposure to a diversified basket of selected companies with a focus on robotics.

Cyber-attacks cause both financial and reputational damage. With the increasing use of data and connection of devices, the risk of such damage increases for governments, businesses and individuals. Products for the defence of such attacks are in demand and can offer investors a growth-oriented investment opportunity, says to ETF Securities. The ETF ISE Cyber Security GO UCITS ETF from ETF Securities and ISE ETF Ventures provides investors with an efficiently and cost-effective opportunity to invest in leading cyber security companies.