Investors buying equity ETFs

Despite the bullish stock market during the last five years and concerns about the valuation of equity, ETFs investing in equities were the most popular ones among all ETFs. 

The investments made in passively managed funds of US equities increased by $21 billion in June alone. For the last six months, a total amount of $36,3 billion were additionally invested. Investors are investing larger amounts in US equities for the last months only while other ETF products were more attractive to the market at the beginning of the year.

In total, there was a $124 billion inflow into ETFs worldwide since the beginning of this year, being an increase of 25% compared to last years first six months.

Besides US equity ETFs, fixed income products and European as well as Japanese equities are popular among investors.

From the emerging markets, ETFs investing in China, India and Taiwan received the largest inflows.

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