Pictet Asset Management confirmed as top-5 brand

In times of increasing competition and more demanding fund buyers, a robust and relevant brand is vital for asset-gathering success. Based on interviews with over 900 fund selectors across Europe, the Mackay Williams ‘Fund Brand 50’ 2018 Report ranks the cross-border brand strength of asset management companies on the European market. In its 7th year of publication, 3rd party fund selectors controlling €3trn of accessible assets have been interviewed.

Pictet Asset Management consolidated its fourth position with a substantial increase in the brand score that determines the rankings. In Germany, Pictet Asset Management has improved its position from 19th to 14th. Pictet Asset Management continues to narrow the gap between the top three brands, registering the second strongest brand score gain among the top ten.

“The ability to tell a compelling story has become a key differentiator”, says Diana Mackay, Joint-CEO of Mackay Williams. “Those groups that made the most brand progress used their stories to reveal a purpose or conviction beyond the simple delivery of performance.” Using thematic investments, Pictet Asset Management was able to use its expertise to create innovative and appealing investment strategies, scoring the second place in expertise and innovation only after BlackRock.

Pictet Asset Management is able to beat the top brands regarding sustainability. Together with Robeco and Candriam, both among the top 10 brands overall, Pictet Asset Management is noted for its best practice as the top SRI brand.

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