Proportion of women in the financial industry below 20 percent

Only every third private (30%) and institutional investor (29%) believes that mixed-sex investment management teams achieve better returns, shows a survey of the CFA Institute among 3,312 private and 502 institutional investors. Nevertheless, about a quarter rather invests in companies that have diversity policies in place and help women to advance their careers. 

But the proportion of women in the financial industry is especially low, shows a survey of the CFA Institute among 5,000 of its own members. Only about 18 percent of the members of the professional association are female. In Germany, that proportion shrinks down to just 12.4 percent. Particularly in the highest career positions, women are rare: Only 9.8 percent of CEOs in the financial industry, 10.2 percent of CIOs and 11 percent of CFOs are female.

Especially more flexible working times arrangements could help to counteract the unequal distribution. A third of women (65.9%) report that they are primarily responsible for the education and care of children in the household. Only 22.4 percent of men acknowledge an equal responsibility.