Reach German Journalists via Social Media

79 percent of the German journalists use social media on a daily basis, says the latest Social Journalism study from Cision and the Canterbury Christ Church. While only six percent of the questioned journalists are not using social media every day, two third spend up to two hours on such channels.

They do so pursuing numerous tasks included publishing, media monitoring and interacting with their target group. They read other’s articles, follow the discussion about their own articles, answer comments and share their work on social media platforms. Depending on the importance of this for the work of the journalist, social media are used at different intensities: 24 percent of news journalists use social media more than four hours a day, while only 12 percent of journalists writing reports, reviews and columns do so. Moreover, young journalists tent to use social media more intensive than their older colleagues.

42 percent of the German journalists are of the opinion, that they cannot do their work without social media. 41 percent at least state that social media make their work more efficient. Thereby, no just the usage of social media has increased over the years but also the relevance for the work of journalists.

Public relations can use this: PR sources and press releases are seen as a preferred source for information by 48 percent, just after independent experts. 41 percent perceive public relations experts and press releases as a reliable source for information - up form 35 percent in 2013. While three years ago, a third of journalists said that due to social media, they are less reliant on public relations, only 18 percent say so now. Public relations is thus, despite a higher stage of social media, becoming a more frequently and reliably used source for information.

The Social Journalism study was jointly published the fifth year in a row by Cision and the British Canterbury Christ Church. It investigates the usage of social media by journalists from different countries. Thereby, 360 answers of journalists and media experts have been gathered and analysed in February and March 2016.