Should investors be worried about rising populism and debt?

On September 14, ETF Securities invites you to their outlook webinar on the implications of political populism and debt for the economy and their effect on various assets. Starting at 3 pm (CET), the webinar will take about 50 minutes. Please register for the webinar here.

Politically, economically and socially, the world is polarising, weakening the centre and the moderate who occupy it. Radical policies, right or left, are becoming the new rallying cry. Greece and Brexit, recent examples of the rise of populist risk, look not to be the last. A looming Italian banking crisis threatens to turn Renzi’s October referendum into the next one. In the meantime, US polls are pointing towards a Trump victory, the implications of which will dwarf all.

Join ETF Securities for their outlook webinar, in which Erik Britton, Director at Fathom Consulting, and James Butterfill, Head of Research & Investment Strategy at ETF Securities, will explore the risks of populism to investors and look at the current global debt situation and how much debt is actually sustainable.

  • What are the implications of political populism for the economy?
  • What are the potential effects on various assets such as equities and gold
  • How much debt is too much debt?

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