Significant Demand for Investment Education

88% percent of global investors surveyed in Schroder’s Global Investor Survey 2017 feel the need to improve their investment knowledge in at least one area. Among actively investing individuals planning to invest more than €10,000 in the next 12 months, nearly a third feels to lack a basic understanding of investments. A surprising 27 percent feel they need to improve their knowledge of asset classes and their place in a portfolio as well as the main ways to invest (24%).

Structuring investments tax efficiently and investing sustainably are the top areas of improvement for investors, with 31 percent of investors stating to lack knowledge in these areas. Other areas of development include the understanding of fees (26%) as well as and long-term investing and its usage to minimise risks (23%). “These responses indicate a significant thirst for more insight to help with making decisions about personal finances,” says Schroder in the report.

European investors feel most confident about their investment education with 16 percent stating they do not need to improve it. Contrarily, only 5 percent of Asian respondents don’t feel to need to learn more.

Schroder’s Global Investor Survey 2017 explores the perspectives, understanding and behaviours of more than 22,000 individuals. During July 2017, active investors from 30 countries have been surveyed online. All of which have made changed to their investments within the past ten years and will be investing at least €10,000 in the next 12 months. Please find the full report here.