Simplifying and speeding up fund selection

The selection of investment funds takes too long, is based too much on the knowledge of the responsible analysts and raises compliance problems, says Matthias Weber, CIO of ifund services. With the Digital Advisor, ifund and fundinfo launch a cloud-based tool for the selection of investment funds. Based on scientific criteria as well as investor preferences, active as well as passive funds can be selected within seconds.

Instead of using historical performance data, the Digital Advisor uses the latest findings of capital market research. The Digital Advisor combines the scientific discoveries with particular investor preferences and beliefs such as the profile of the asset management company, the investment style, sustainability integration or the fund manager’s background and experience.

The Digital Advisor also simplifies the compliance process. Due diligence and legally relevant information such as the management company’s ownership structure, fund regulation, usage of derivatives and leverage, etc. are analysed systematically to ensure regulatory requirements are met.

Fund analysts can use the tool to quickly and easily create a list of candidates. Banks can use the Digital Advisor to identify funds that satisfy the expectations of the CIO as well as the requirements of customers. The Digital Advisor can be employed as a stand-alone solution or integrated into investment advisory tools using an API. This allows Robo-Advisors to extend their offerings with active funds.

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