The Diplomatic World Universe establishes media partnership with altii

The Diplomatic World Magazine and the sister organization, the Diplomatic World Institute, establish a bilateral media partnership with alternative investor information (altii). This partnership involves sharing and mutual publication of selected, exciting contributions, as well as a strategic exchange.

The Diplomatic World Magazine is the only magazine published on paper and online in or around Brussels that counts amongst its subscribers: all the Embassies in Brussels, all Members of the European Parliament, the DG’s of the European Commission, the European Council, Members of the Belgian Government, the Belgian Royal Family and other Heads of State plus many influential economic forums and organizations, advocacy and consultancy bureaus and think tanks in Brussels. It provides this community and a wider public of interested readers with profound and trendsetting insights in the latest diplomatic, international and European evolutions and tendencies - with a particular focus on cultural diplomacy, diplomatic economy, trade, business, art and health. The high-level content of Diplomatic World is based on a full-time engagement and direct/constant contacts with European and international officials - from Ambassadors and Ministers to European Commissioners, Prime Ministers and national and EU Presidents – of Barbara Dietrich, the magazine’s owner, CEO and editor in chief. Through the high-quality paper publication, followed and circulating intensively inside the Brussels bubble and in other diplomatic capitals, and through the further online dissemination of the editions published, Diplomatic World has an extensive reach and can claim the status of a critical diplomatic-journalistic medium and very influential global opinion-maker.

The newly founded Diplomatic World Institute is a sister organization of the magazine. The Institute acts as an interface between industries, societies and administrations by creating sustainable partnerships and forums. It focuses explicitly on burning global issues such as the development of Africa, creating cultural conditions conducive to understanding, innovation or global transition. The creation and maintaining of a special economic zone, with strong free trade and direct investment connections, is of prime concern to the Institute. All actions of the Institute have the ultimate goal of making an active contribution to protecting worldwide peace and prosperity. The global exchange of cultural and economic goods prevents armed conflicts and increases personal and social wealth. Therefore, the Diplomatic World Institute – among others – acts in close cooperation with FEMOZA – The World Free & Special Economic Zones Federation.