The ESG problem of plastic

Today, plastic in its many forms has become indispensable form our lives due to the variety of possible use cases and low costs. Since the 1960s, plastic production has increased from about 2 million tons per year to about 322 million tons. It is expected that production will continue to increase and double in the next 20 years. Of the approximately 6.3 billion tones of plastic produced since the 1950s, around 9% have been recycled and 12% have been burned. Thus, almost 4/5 of the plastic ever made still exist.

For the responsible handling of the plastic still in circulation, different strategies are necessary, argues Erste AM in their ESG Letter: the replacement using other materials; the complete avoidance; prohibitions, taxes and other legal interventions; as well as recycling.

Companies can make a significant contribution to solving the plastic problem. The latest ESG Letter from Erste AM gives investors an overview of the plastic-related ESG issues and how to deal with them sustainably.