The key concepts of trend-following and momentum strategies

Trend following strategies attempt to identify price patterns and deliver signals for trading positions to take advantage from the ongoing developments. Historically the concept was mainly used for commodities and in the markets for future contracts. The theoretical background that is required to make money with the approach is not trivial but if well explained than it can be a straight forward opportunity.

Dr. Anthony Ledford explains in a series of videos the key concepts of trend-following and momentum strategies. His intention is to bring each concept to life by focusing on principles rather than detail. Each video is just a few minutes long.

"Transparency and intelligibility are the key factors that are required by investors to meet their decisions properly.", says Stefan Zopp, Managing Director of Man Group's Regional Office Austria/Germany/Eastern Europe.

Dr. Anthony Ledford is Chief Scientist at Man AHL. He works in the Man Research Laboratory (Oxford) and is reponsible for Man AHL’s strategic research undertaken there. Prior to joining Man AHL in 2001, he lectured in Statistics at the University of Surrey. He read Mathematics at Cambridge University, holds a PhD from Lancaster University and is a former winner of the Royal Statistical Society’s Research Prize.


About Man AHL
Man Group is one of the world’s largest independent alternative investment managers and a leader in liquid, high-alpha investment strategies. With the clients’ needs at the core, Man Group offers a comprehensive suite of absolute return and long-only funds through the performance-driven investment engines. Man AHL is Man Group's systematic investment specialist that focuses on delivering a range of absolute return, long-only and momentum-based quantitative funds. With an enviable 25-year track record, backed by extensive research capabilities and a collaborative culture, Man AHL applies innovative quantitative methods, informed by market understanding, to locate potential opportunities in more than 400 markets worldwide. 

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