“The times they are a changin”

The robotics and automation megatrend is largely still in its infancy, and yet the investment case presents an opportunity. On June 21, ETF Securities’ Howie Li hosted a webinar on the impact of artificial intelligence on robotics and automation.

During the webinar, Wyatt Newman, Professor of Robotics at Case Western Reserve University, described, why the trend is gaining momentum now despite the first robotics company being founded in 1962. Due to established interfaces, shared systems and open software, artificial intelligence is now able to power computer brains and, thereby, open automated systems to a wider range of applications and industries.

Massive investments have been made in artificial intelligence. AI-Startups, for example, received $15.2 billion since 2012 across 2320 investments. Richard Lightbound, CEO of Robo Global Europe, described why the megatrend is no longer a niche market but a broad opportunity driven by a range of macroeconomic trends before going further into the index his company has created.

Please find a recording of the webinar here.