Thomas Schumann Capital (TSC) Water Security Indices Break New Ground by Combining Water and Carbon Solutions for Global Capital Markets

Thomas Schumann Capital (TSC), a pioneer in the field of sponsoring investable indices for investors to address water security and low carbon in their portfolios, today announced that its indices also deliver a significantly lower carbon footprint while also providing a 50% lower water footprint — a result unequalled by any other indices in the market.

“This is a real game changer,” said Thomas Schumann, founder of TSC. “Investors will now be able to move faster towards driving positive impact, engagement, and transformation across their portfolios and investment decision making. The clear message is that water security equals a low carbon footprint.”

"TSC Water Security Indices provide increased exposure to the best water secure companies while also reducing exposure to carbon emissions — a two-pronged approach that embraces SDG 6 and SDG 13 simultaneously,” added Markus Barth, the leading authority on low carbon and water security indexing and the CEO of consulting firm Anatase Ltd.

Barth also noted that “unlike many climate indices in the market that use negative screening or greenwashing to implement lower carbon exposure, we have reduced carbon footprint without resorting to such techniques, providing broadly diversified exposure across all sectors and delivering sustainable returns with no additional risk.”

Moorgate Benchmarks, a UK-based index administrator and calculation agent, are the official Administrator of the TSC Water Security Indices.

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About Thomas Schumann Capital (TSC)

TSC helps global capital markets to integrate water security in equities and portfolios and into investment decisions and is the only sponsor of investable indices and products for water security, low carbon footprint and responsible investing.

About Anatase Ltd

Anatase is a consulting company founded in 2019 by Markus Barth, CFA. A seasoned investment professional and index pioneer, Markus has designed and launched highly successful indices throughout his 30+ year career. Anatase provides expertise in index development, structured products and investment solutions.