United Bankers continues profitable growth

During the first half of 2021, United Bankers’ managed assets soared to an all-time high of EUR 4,194 million. “For the very first time, our managed assets exceeded the four-billion-euro threshold, totalling EUR 4.2 billion. This translates into a growth of 11.2 per cent as compared to the situation at the turn of the year,” explains Patrick Anderson, CEO of United Bankers, in the half-year financial report. The growth was propelled by factors including strong net subscriptions, the growth of capital in asset management, and the favourable market development. The reduced COVID-19 concerns and the increasingly favourable economic outlook restored investors’ reliance on the markets. In turn, the lower uncertainty has increased the interest in asset management products and services.

At the end of June 2021, a total of EUR 2,494 million or about 60 per cent of United Bankers’ managed assets were invested in funds. A total of EUR 1,498 million of the fund capital was invested in real asset funds. This value corresponds to about 60 per cent of the capital invested in funds and 36 per cent of all the Group’s managed assets. It illustrates United Bankers’ particular focus on real assets, such as funds investing in real estate, forest and infrastructure. This focus has allowed United Bankers to deliver returns. “Our greatest asset management successes were witnessed in listed real estate funds and equity funds, where the strong market performance entailed a higher-than-usual level of return,” explains Patrick Anderson.

Going forward, United Bankers aims to pay even closer attention to client-specific performance and to generating genuine added value for its clients through its expertise and services. “Generally speaking, real asset investment solutions are likely to be of interest to investors also going forward, because they typically offer a steady cash flow, inflation protection, as well as expected returns that are less volatile than in the equity market. The economically and politically stable operating environment of the Nordics is increasingly attracting forest and real estate investments also from other parts of Europe”, argues the report in its outlook.

This news item is based on United Banker’s Half-Year Financial Report. Please find the full report here