Use Reddit to Increase the Impact of Your News

Nothing moves consumers in and through the marketing and sales funnel faster than news and editorial coverage, claims Business Wire. But for that coverage to have an impact, it needs to be seen by a large audience in the smallest amount of time. In Business Wire’s webinar, Reddit executives share best practice on reaching the big and highly engaged community on Reddit.

The webinar explains:

  • How to set up an account for your organisation
  • Where to find relevant information and support for media outlets and PR professionals
  • Find out if the Reddit community already shares your content
  • Join a Subreddit and create a Multireddit
  • Participate in existing Reddit discussions and engage with the community
  • Select and submit authentic and influential content
  • Use advertisements and sponsor other user’s posts 

As a highly engaged community, Reddit is unique in many ways and requires more than just submitting your content. In Business Wire’s 90 minutes long replay of the webinar, Reddit executives share their best practice on reaching the 240 million active users and 45,000 communities on the social media platform. Please find the recording as well as a summary on Business Wire.