Venture Capital funds in troubled water?

US venture capital firms have raised $28.2 billion in 235 funds during the year 2015. Thereby, both measures have fallen: Fundraising is 9% down and the number of funds decreased by 36.

During the year 2015, venture capitalists firms in the United States have raised $28.2 billion. VC fundraising has thus decreased by nine percent from $31 billion in 2014. Thereby, the number of funds has decreased from 271 in 2014 to 235 funds - a decrease of 13 percent.

During the year 2015, twenty new funds were launched, one less than during the year before. Moreover, the number of follow-on funds has decreased by a quarter to 26 funds.

Previously, altii has reported on signs of the end of the venture capital cycle. While, according to ValueWalk, invested sums have seen a new record in 2015, the number of transactions has fallen. This can be seen as a sign that venture capitalists are now betting on larger and more secure bets.