Water investing in an even hotter world

“Water crisis along with climate change events is the top global risks assessed by the World Economic Forum. Climate change events, exponential population growth, global mispricing and mismanagement of water, increasing competition for water, expanding animal agriculture and growing demand for water-intensive animal products in emerging and developing markets are all drivers of water stress and water risk,” explains Thomas Schumann in an interview with ValueWalk. While technologies may help to reduce the burden on water, it always starts with an awareness of water being the most precious asset on earth.

The “Water Security Fund is world’s first investment fund investing in companies which are good corporate water stewards, hence are well positioned to provide liquidity, safety, yield and social and environmental impact for the long-term to investors and stakeholders alike,” explains Schumann. The Water Security Fund seeks to deliver a sustainable, long-term alpha while investing socially and environmentally responsible. Investing in leading blue-chip companies, which are assessed for financial water risk, the fund seeks to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goal “Sustainable Management of Water”.

Please find Thomas Schumann’s full interview with ValueWalk here. Further information on the Water Security Fund can be found here.