Webinar: Global commodities, have we reached the floor in prices?

On November 24, ETF Securities hosts their next webinar. Giving an outlook for commodity prices, the webinar investigates whether commodities are at an inflection point as suggested by a growing number of analysts.

The webinar well be held on November 24, 2015, at 2 pm (GMT) and will take about 50 minutes. Please register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4650572816243190017

In the webinar, James Butterfill, ETF Securities’ recently appointed Head of Research and Investment Strategy, will examine whether commodities are at an inflection point after a five years of poor performance and price declines. Together with Tom Price, Commodity Strategist at Morgan Stanley, he will provide an analysis-driven perspective on whether the outlook for commodities is, indeed, changing at last:

  • Could global growth be stronger than most believe? 
  • Have inventories declined to the point that they need significant replenishment? 
  • Has the marginal cost of production been lowered to the point that only the strongest and best producers have survived? 
  • Is the outlook the same for energy, precious and industrial metals, agriculture and livestock? 
  • Are broad commodity indices set for a rebound?