Webinar: Is there still value in Gold?

With higher concerns about the stability and liquidity of European banks, the risk of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and uncertainty about the US presidency candidates, a resurgent interest in gold as a diversifier and safe haven could be observed. Please register for the webinar here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1730291925847824388

During the webinar taking place on March 17 at 4pm (CET), ETF Securities and guest speaker James Steel, Chief Commodities Analyst at HSBC, will present their view on the gold market in about 50 minutes. They will be particularly looking at:

  • Gold and global monetary policy, including an environment of negative interest rates
  • The role of gold in light of changing investor risk sentiment, i.e. its reaction to risk-on and risk-off behaviours
  • A review of the traditional supply and demand factors with a focus on tight mine output, an appraisal of the scrap market and physical demand from emerging markets