World Water Day 2017

After the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the United Nations General Assembly announced the World Water Day. Since then, various events have been held on every year’s March 22 covering specific elements of the water theme, this year with a particular focus on waste water and its usage.

altii too celebrates the World Water Day 2017 by informing institutional investors about water as a resource and its consideration in investment processes. Doing so, we have updated our sustainable special with the latest content on responsible investing in a new design and added valuable content covering aspects of “water”.

A new section of the page shows why water as a resource deserves more attention from investors, how waste water and thus costs can be reduced, how water can be used profitably and what risks must be considered. Thereby, the new section complements the selection of contributions from various asset managers on the general methodology of ESG investing as well as specific case studies.

Further information around the topic of water and sustainability can be found here: