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The Nordic countries include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The area is known for its focus on sustainability and real assets. The region can help European investors to diminish their “home bias” and achieve better diversification, argues Jauri Häkkä, Principal at Widhaby Advisors and consultant for United Bankers Asset Management. Many highly ranked asset managers are available to assist investors. With articles in German and English, this altii Special introduces investors to the region and its investment universe.

Nordic Investments, a Sustainable Real Asset Universe to be discovered

Patrick Anderson speaks about the attractiveness of the Nordic regions for institutional investors. He talks about the direction of United Bankers and focuses on important investment strategies. He discusses the use of real assets such as real estate, timber and how this can be reconciled with sustainability. Please find the full interview here.

Nordic Investments, a Sustainable Real Asset Universe to be discovered

Jauri Häkkä, a senior financial advisor from Sweden, gives an overview of the Nordic markets for financial and real assets in the altii interview. Jauri is an independent advisor and consults United Bankers Asset Management. Please find the full interview here.

Nordic Properties a Plus in Regional Diversification

Jarkko Lehtonen from United Bankers in Helsinki speaks in the altii interview about the Nordic properties markets and the potential for diversification. He is the portfolio manager of the UB Nordic Property Fund that invests in commercial real estate in that region. Please find the full interview here.

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