Is Social Media Dying in Germany?

Based on a recent study that shows how the usage of social media platforms have declined over the past year, some argue that social media is losing popularity. Seval Dogan, Marketing Specialist – D/A/CH Region at BusinessWire, and Kai Prager, Senior Media Relations Specialist – Europe at BusinessWire, say that social media is entering a new stage where people try to use new approaches as visual communication.

In their latest post on BusinessWire's corporate blog, both authors discuss the popularity of social media sites and point out the key developments on the platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Xing and LinkedIn. Go to the BusinessWire blog post here.

The key points of the blog post include:

  • Social media is not dying, it is entering a new stage
  • New approaches - as visual communication - are increasingly used
  • Although Facebook usage is declining, it is unlikely that people will switch
  • Twitter is mainly used by journalists and communication specialists
  • Instagram and Pinterest are on a rise
  • Google+ is increasingly used by German corporates

"Is Social Media Dying in Germany?" - on the BusinessWire Blog

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