New infrastructure platform of Swiss pension funds

Five of Switzerland’s largest pension funds are behind a new infrastructure investment platform, structured as an evergreen, which had its first closing at CHF 300m (€ 247m) with a substantially higher target volume. 

Hedge fund without performance fee

Convoy Investment LLC, a global macro hedge fund, is going to apply another fee structure to their fund and differ from the established performance fee.

Current M&A deals bad for investors

Some experts say that the M&A market is overstretched. Due to the high share prices and the low interest rate, a lot of expensive M&A deals are pursued that do not enhance corporate growth.

Emerging market ETFs attract investors

Emerging market ETFs gained a capital inflow of $109 million during this year. While they lost $13.9 billion in the first two months of 2014, investors are returning to exchange traded products investing in emerging markets.

Hedge funds avoid billions of taxes

Deutsche Bank and Barclays helped 13 hedge funds to avoid paying billions of taxes during a 15 year period, says a US Senate’s subcommittee investigation.

How short ETFs work

Short ETFs, or inverse or bear ETFs, are exchange traded products that hold a short position in an underlying index. They profit if the index declines in price.

What institutional investors expect

Investors look for a more institutional business model of hedge funds. According to a Deutsche Bank study, hedge funds will face “challenges in regulatory, reputational, business and operational risks, in addition to delivering returns”.

Investors buying equity ETFs

Despite the bullish stock market in the last five years and concerns about the valuation of equity, ETFs investing in equities were the most popular ones among all ETFs.

US Economy shrinks by 3% in Q1

As the US Department for Commerce stated yesterday (June 25, 2014) the US GDP fell by three percent during the first quarter of 2014.